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The Certass Mandatory Technical Competence Card, or MTC Card, demonstrates a site operative’s competence and proves that they are meeting Building Regulations and best practice.

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How do I get
a Certass MTC Card?

To get a Certass MTC card you must meet certain criteria. If these are met, then you will have to pass a knowledge assessment to prove that you are achieving competence in your work.

How do I get<br>a Certass MTC Card?

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If you’re looking for a Certass MTC Card to prove that your site operatives are meeting Building Regulations and industry best practice, speak to our team today. Click Here to Join >

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What criteria needs to<br>be met for an assessment?

What criteria needs to
be met for an assessment?

To be assessed for a Certass MTC Skills Card, the site operative must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have worked in the relevant field for at least 2 out of the last 5 years or have an NVQ relevant to the assessed area.
  • Be an existing Certass member or work for a company who is joining the Certass Certification Scheme.

If the site operative does not meet these requirements, then they will need to obtain a relevant structured learning plan or an NVQ ahead of assessment.

£100 +VAT

one time registration fee per site operative

£3.75 +VAT

fee per month for each site operative

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*Candidates not completing assessment within 12 months of assessment start may be subject to a £100+VAT assessment continuation fee.

What does the
assessment consist of?

Firstly, you will have to do an online knowledge assessment, made up of 40 multiple choice questions. Once you pass, you will be able to download your Knowledge Certificate upon completion.

Then you will have an onsite observation of your work carried out by an assessor, including a discussion with them, followed by a final telephone discussion with the assessor.

If you pass the assessment, you will receive a knowledge assessment certificate and a skills card to prove to customers that you are meeting Building Regulations and industry best practice.

What does the<br>assessment consist of?
Benefits of MTC Continuum

Benefits of MTC Continuum

Having your site operatives assessed against the Certass MTC Continuum has these great benefits to your business

  • Demonstrate your site operative’s competence to your customers
  • Free digital ID card on your dedicated page of
  • Validate site operative ID for consumer confidence
  • Free CPD online learning for all your site operatives

Certass Continuum Skills Card

The Certass Continuum Skills Card works like the MTC Card to prove competence of site operation in their work, but it is not linked to a specific individual. It is designed for companies who employ multiple site operatives as it can be transferred to new employees at no extra cost*, once they pass their skills assessment.

*Certass reserves the right to charge a new registration fee if more than 15% turnover of site operatives over a 5-year period.

Are there discounted rates available for multiple site operatives?

Yes, if you have more than 10 site operatives, we offer special rates that can save you up to 15% discount.

For organisations with more than 50 operatives, our in-house assessment package means Certass can teach your internal training team to assess your own operatives, proving a saving of up to 40%.

Site Operative Competence Assessment

At Certass, we have to make sure that all joining members are able to show that they have enough competent staff to operate its business, but how can this be proven?

  • Through recognised qualifications, backed up by the Certass Mandatory Technical Competence assessment.
  • Or by MTC assessment for experienced workers without formal qualifications

Certass will check the competency of operatives by checking their training records and/or making them undertake an MTC assessment.

Which staff members need to be technically competent?

For Competent Person Scheme members in the Glazing Sector:

  • All surveyors
  • At least one person from each fitting team

CQ-Assured Workmanship Scheme Members:

  • All site supervisors must all be competent to supervise the work type, including ancillary works.

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