More Payment Options For Homeowners With CERTASS Software

Common sense certification body, Certass, has launched an exclusive new software package for members so they can offer more payment options to homeowners.

The complete, easy quote, project management system can be used by Certass installers to price up jobs and send detailed quotations to homeowners. On this quote, customers will be shown options for payment that include a finance option for homeowners. It’s designed to make quoting and getting paid even easier for installation companies.

Jon Vanstone, Chair at Certass Ltd & Certass Trade Association explains: “From talking to our members, we knew that even though offering finance is a big benefit for many installers, there were a lot of barriers and red tape when they tried to provide finance options for homeowners.

“This system gives installers an easy, straightforward way for customers to be able to choose how they pay, whether that be by cash, card or finance.  It reduces regulatory burden as installers will not be acting as credit brokers. The finance offers are generated within the system once the appropriate criteria is met. Installers don’t need to get involved with paperwork or apply or pay for a consumer credit license; this is all covered within the software package.”

Through the platform, Certass members can present professional quotes, store and manage jobs and keep on top of paperwork – an extra free benefit which saves time and keeps everything organised. It also helps members to digitise their business and deliver a true end to end service for homeowners.

Jon adds: “To get paid, Certass members win the job, fit the products to the high standards that homeowners expect from our members and get consumer sign-off.”