Introducing Dynamic Certass Logos

a sample of the Certass dynamic logo

Both Certass and the Certass Trade Association pledge to be the trusted ally of quality installer members. That’s why we have dynamic logos. Protecting members, the wider industry and homeowners alike.

So often we hear of rogue traders and companies misusing the Certass logo to endorse that their product or service is certified, when in fact they aren’t members of any certification body. This not only has consequences to end users and homeowners, but also for our industry, damaging the reputations of those who work so hard to establish trusted businesses.

We will provide you with a dynamic logo that confirms that you are a Certass member and displays your membership number.

What is a Dynamic Logo?

A dynamic logo is a new version of our traditional logo that is designed especially for our members.

It has your unique membership number and specifies whether you are a certified installer, supplier or trade association member. Dynamic logos are also available for our key partners, service providers and affiliates.

Key Partners

Key partners are companies who work closely with Certass to cross promote each other and may offer special rates to Certass members.

Service Providers

Service providers are companies that offer Certass endorsed services to our industry. We check these companies and they often offer special rates to our members.


Certass affiliates are companies that can offer services to our members that we deem of interest to  members and the industry. These are companies of good standing but aren’t directly endorsed.

Why it’s Important for Members to Have a Dynamic Logo

It’s so important for all our members to use their new dynamic logo to endorse their certifications and to verify membership to customers.

Your dynamic logo is personal to you, and helps your customers and homeowners ensure that you are fully certified, quality assured and have the workmanship to carry out the job.

Dynamic logos can be downloaded from your Certass members area and they are ready to use straight away across your websites, marketing materials, stationary and vans.

We recommend that all our members switch from using the old Certass logo to their new dynamic logo as soon as possible.

How Certass Members Become Quality Assured

We’re committed to providing help and support to our members, so that they can be the best trader they can be.

Each member who is registered to our CQ Assured scheme is audited by our team. This checks qualifications, records and compliance logs are up to date along with the quality of their workmanship.

The CQ Assured scheme helps to assure that members have the skills and knowledge to produce quality workmanship and give homeowners real confidence when it comes to finding a tradesperson.

We also provide a voice for our members with the Certass Trade Association (CTA). The CTA helps to champion installers and tradespeople with practical hands on support and guidance, so they can produce a skilled workforce to support their business.

As a member of Certass, you can already benefit from the trade association, and are  able to download a Certass Trade Association dynamic logo too.

How Can Homeowners Choose a Certified Tradesperson

It’s so important that homeowners can be certain that their chosen tradesperson is certified.

The Certass dynamic logo is a trusted method to ensure that each member has the correct certifications and skills to complete home improvements.

Homeowners can search our online directory using any Certass certified installer’s membership number to verify their credentials.

You can download your dynamic logo from your members area, or if you have any questions about dynamic logos, you can get in touch with us for more information.