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The Certass Trade Association

18th July 2018 - By Sarah Ball

You asked, we listened

Introducing your new industry body for glazing, the Certass Trade Association.

Certass Trade Association is the new voice in the industry. A voice that will work alongside you to help your business grow, by offering real, practical hands on support, and to make your business’ views heard.

We understand the need for an association that works with you. We’re part of an industry where there is a lot to contend with – a lack of real support, poor customer perception and a lack of skilled labour.

That’s why we want to get involved with the development of the glazing industry, and we know by creating the largest member body (over 3000 members already) that is open to all companies in the glazing supply chain who share our vision, we can get off the blocks to making a difference and bring on the next generation of tradespeople.

It’s all about the members

The Certass Trade Association is driven by tradespeople, for tradespeople. The team have first-hand experience in the glazing industry and in successful membership bodies for other sectors, so you’ll always receive insight and knowledge that’s both innovative and valuable.

Within the association, no time is wasted on internal politics or irrelevant issues, instead we focus on what our members tell us they want and build our offering to them based on this. We further enhance our offering through collaborations, skills and practical support to drive our industry forward.

The Certass Trade Association Pledge

We want to start championing our local installers and tradespeople, that’s why we have created the Certass Trade Association Pledge.

  • To be your trusted ally in the industry for practical, hands on help and support
  • To be your new glazing voice
  • To give you the heads up with everything that’s happening in the industry and Government
  • To help you grow a skilled workforce with practical support
  • To support you with legislation and certification
  • To provide industry information you need to deliver the latest innovations and services to your customers
  • To collaborate with you to champion diversity and skills within the industry
  • To help bring on the next generation of tradespeople

What you’ll get out of your membership

So, you now know our pledges, but what will you get out of being a member?

Practical advice and support

From best practice guidelines and template documents, to checklists and guides, you will receive real support that will encourage best practice and drive innovation in the glazing industry.

Industry and Government news

You’ll get a heads up with all the news and information in both glazing and Government, so that you can build a strong workforce that is equipped with the right skills, knowledge and confidence to grow.

Access to reliable help when things go wrong

Get the feeling that there’s not a great deal of support in the glazing industry when things don’t go quite right? We will offer extensive technical advice, help on dealing with ‘difficult customers’ and useful ‘how-to’ videos for extra information.

Training and guidance

We will give you all the correct business and ethical practices, with training on maintaining business success, website and social media management, smart business management, ethical selling –  the list goes on.

Marketing support

You will receive marketing support to help promote your business, from online support packages to local advertising materials.

How to become a member

If you’re already a member of Certass, you’re in luck! You will automatically receive the full benefits of the association with no charge.

The Certass Trade Association welcomes everyone in the glazing industry. We want to collaborate with local installers, whether you’re a one-man-band or part of a larger team, fabricators, system companies, component suppliers, training providers, certification suppliers, trade counters – everyone in the industry.

It’s simple to become a member of the Certass Trade Association. You can sign up on our dedicated website, and we look forward to uniting with you to grow your business and improve our industry.

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