Certass Complaints Procedure >

At Certass Limited (Certass), we strive to provide a first class service to all our contractors, our contractors’ customers and our business partners. However, there may be an occasion when you are not happy with the service that you have received.

If you have a complaint regarding a Certass certification member please follow the complaints procedure – ‘CONSUMER COMPLAINTS AGAINST CERTASS MEMBER CONTRACTORS’ If the complaint is regarding the service you have received from Certass please contact us on the details below: Tel: 01292 502 396 Email: [email protected]

When you complain about our service, Certass will:

  1. Acknowledge your complaint in a timely manner but not longer than 10 working days.
  2. Assign your complaint to the Certass Quality Manager who will investigate your complaint in a timely manner, although there may be unavoidable delay where we are required to obtain information from an external source.
  3. Write to you with an outcome, or informing you we require additional time to investigate, your complaint within 28 days.
  4. If you are unhappy with the resolution of your complaint you may appeal to the Certass Managing Director. The Certass Managing Director will fully review your complaint and write to you with findings within 14 working days.
  5. If you are still unhappy with the resolution of your complaint the final stage of our complaints procedure is appeal to the Certass Independent Oversight committee. The decision of the Certass Oversight committee is final and a decision will be made within 6 months of appeal.

Please note:

The decision resolving the complaint or appeal shall be made by, or reviewed and approved by, person(s) not involved in the certification activities related to the complaint or appeal.

To ensure that there is no conflict of interest, personnel (including those acting in a managerial capacity) who have provided consultancy for a client, or been employed by a client, shall not be used by the certification body to review or approve the resolution of a complaint or appeal for that client within two years following the end of the consultancy or employment.