5 Tips for Choosing the Right Window Installer in Your Area

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So, you’ve decided on the style, colour and material you would like for your new windows, but who do you choose to install them? A simple internet search will return thousands of potential installers that all promise a great installation at the ‘best price on the market’. Do you choose one of the larger double-glazing companies or do you go for a smaller, local window installer in your area? The choice may seem like a minefield, but with some research and consideration, the task isn’t as daunting.

What makes a local window installer a great choice?

There are many benefits for choosing a large window company – they’re well known on a national scale and will often have loads of choice for window styles and designs.

However, if you like the idea of using an installer that’s completed work in and around your local area, there’s plenty of benefits for choosing a local installer too.

With a local window installer, you’ll find that they have pride in offering quality workmanship. One bad job could prove terrible for their business, as they quite often rely on word of mouth to increase business. You can also find that they can be less expensive, with high-quality windows in a wide range of styles and colour options.

No matter whether you choose a local window installer or a national company, there’s a few tips to help you find the right installer for your home improvements, such as asking for recommendations and making sure that they’re part of a certification scheme, such as Certass.

  1. Look out for recommendations

A great way to find window installers in your local area who have provided a good service is to get recommendations from your friends and family. They’ll probably tell you their honest opinion about how the project went, the quality of the products and how tidy the workmen were – and if they’ve not been satisfied, it’s a good indication that you should probably look elsewhere.

  1. See examples of their work

It’s worth seeing a window installer’s previous work. There’s no harm asking if you can visit any properties nearby that they’ve installed in. You’ll be able to see if you like the work they have done and if it’s been finished to a good standard.

  1. Check out their reviews

Along with checking recommendations and previous work, finding reviews online can often be a great way to find out if they provide a good service or not. However, it’s best not to solely rely on reviews you may find or review websites, as there’s no controlling who writes them, it may be their friends or even themselves rather than actual paying customers!

  1. Visit their social media pages

More and more window installers use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to help promote their company. It’s a great way to find out more about the installer, the work that they have done, and the customers that have used them before.

As lots of installers share photos of installations on social media, it’s also a great place to see the quality of their work, along with how their range of products look in lots of different house styles.

  1. Most importantly, are they certified?

A window installer should be part of a certification scheme. This makes sure that they have the right skills and standards of workmanship to carry out the installation, and you can be sure that they know exactly what they are doing. You could rely only on reviews or tradesperson website, but these are no substitute for their work being independently inspected by our expert surveyors.

By choosing a window installer that’s registered with our Certass certification schemes, their work is regularly assessed, to ensure that they carry out high quality installations and meet all the requirements to be a competent and reliable window installer.

It also ensures that their work complies with your local authorities’ Building Regulations, making sure that the installation meets all key requirements, such as good ventilation, thermal performance and most importantly, safety.

Searching for a local installer

We’ve made it simple to search for a local, Certass certified window installer in your area with our online directory. When you use our directory search of local installers, you’ll know that they are certified and are regularly assessed, which most review sites do not state.

All you need to do is search your address and it will list a range of window installers that are nearest to you.