What is a Competent Person Scheme?

What is a competent person scheme?

Finding a skilled, certified installer to carry out your home improvement projects used to be quite a challenge. As homeowners, we all know too well how important it is to make sure you get the best products available, that can be fitted to the highest standards, without any hassle, from friendly, helpful installers.

In 2002, the government made the task of finding a great installer easier. They introduced ‘Competent Person Schemes’, which recognise the high standards and competency of installers within the building industry.

A Competent Person Scheme allows an installer to self-certify that their work complies with all the local Building Regulations. This means that they can complete the work on your home without needing to submit a building notice or having local authorities carry out an inspection, saving you lots of time and money.

The use of Competent Person Schemes helps tradespeople to not only prove their ability to carry out work, but also helps to improve the overall standards of the building industry.

What is covered by our Competent Person Scheme?

The Certass Competent Person Scheme works under the direct license from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). For the installer to be classed as a ‘Competent Person’, they must be registered with a scheme that’s approved by DCLG.

Our Competent Person Scheme covers two key areas in the building and renovation market – glazing and insulation. These areas cover a whole range of glazing products and services including replacement windows, doors, rooflights and roof windows for homes or commercial properties. As well as insulation services, including external, internal, hybrid and cavity wall insulation.

We also offer certification for other trades within building refurbishment, and these are covered under our Green Deal and TrustMark licenses.

If you choose an installer that’s registered with our Competent Person Scheme, it means that they have all the correct systems in place so that they meet the requirements to self-certify their work and provide the best service and installations for you. These include a skilled and trained workforce, management systems and processes and also consumer financial protection.

Why you should choose a competent installer

By choosing an installer that’s registered with a Competent Person Scheme, you can be sure that they carry out high standards of work and meet all the requirements needed to be classed as a competent installer.

When installers self-certify as a competent person, it helps to ensure the compliance of Building Regulations along with promoting training and skills within the building industry. It can also help property owners to avoid ‘cowboy builders’!

Your Certass certified competent installer will be regularly assessed and inspected. This will include a lengthy on-site audit and a check of all their paperwork to ensure that their business procedures meet government standards.

Once registered, the installer also has lots of access to our industry experts for any help they may need, including technical information and any changes to Building Regulations. Their membership with our Competent Person Scheme means that they can provide you with:

✓ Qualified and assessed tradespeople to carry out your home improvements

✓ An easy way of registering your installation with local authorities, at no extra cost to you

✓ Protection of any deposit taken

✓ A guarantee that covers your completed installation

✓ An insurance backed policy that covers the guarantee even if your installer stops trading


What happens when you choose a Certass competent person for your glazing or insulation home improvements?

So, you’ve decided to choose an installer who is part of a Competent Person Scheme to carry out your home improvements, what can you expect to happen when they carry out the work?

Before the work starts

A Certass certified installer will provide you with a consumer contract, this will explain the work to be undertaken.

After the work is completed

Your Certass certified installer will be required to provide you with a written guarantee that covers all the installation work that they have completed. They will also need to provide you with an Insurance Backed Guarantee for extra peace of mind – this covers their written guarantee in case they stop trading.

Registering the work

When your home improvement work has been completed, your certified Certass installer will register your installation with us within 21 days of it being complete. Certass will then notify your local authority on your behalf for the installation work that’s been completed at your home address. We will then issue you with your legally required Building Regulations Compliance Certificate which will be proof of compliance.

How can I find a Certass certified installer in my area?

If you would like to find a competent person near you to carry out your next home improvement project, you can search our online directory for your local certified installer.

Alternatively, if you are an installer and would like to become a registered competent person, you can visit our join us page or get in touch with us on 01292 292 095.