Not sure about something? Take a look at our TRR FAQ

Please see the following list of commonly asked questions, or, if you can’t find what you need please contact us.

When will we receive our TRR labels?

You will receive your TRR labels approximately 5 days after you have had your on-site audit by our auditor.

How long will it take to arrange the audit?

We aim to complete audits within 8 to 10 weeks after all the required information has been received.

What does Master label cover?

The Master label provides a single label reference number fixed to each window manufactured. Once you have received your A/B/C labels, your Master label acts as an umbrella label to cover all of your other labels.

Why does Master label only show a "C" rating on your website?

Initially this acts as a label to show you are Compliant with the Building Regulations, before you receive your A/B/C labels.

Does every TRR registered company get Master label?

All members, with the exception of timber installers and/or manufacturers, will receive a Master label.

What information is required on the Master label?

The Master label reference number and Thermal Rating Register website address must be included on the Permanent label. You may also optionally add your company information.

What are the specifications for the Master label?

The Master label must be a minimum size of 65 x 15mm, must be stuck on with high tack glue so there is a permanent adhesion, both the label and ink must be waterproof, the text must be 10 point bold, and the label must be fixed to an opening light. Full details are available in the relevant quality management system manual.

Where do we stick Master label on frame?

The Master label should be put on the opening sash of the frame, or alternatively, printed on the spacer bar.

Do we need to put a Master label on sealed window?

No. For sealed windows, the Master label reference number should appear on the invoice to the customer.

What information do I need to provide to my customer?

Your customers should be given a permanent label on the inside of the frame, and a printed Rainbow label which covers the technical details. The Rainbow label can be provided as a certificate, label, etc.

Can we get more labels than allocated?

Yes, please contact the office on 01292 502 396 to discuss this.

Do we need to put labels on doors?

No, labels are not required for doors. However, doors need to have a u-value of 1.8 or under to comply with part L of the Building Regulations.

Can we change labels at a later date?

Yes. If you are changing profile company and/or glass supplier, you will need to get written confirmation from your supplier detailing your new products. Once we have received this, we will then be able to create the new labels.

Can we add labels on at a later date?

Yes. If you use our WER (Window Energy Rating) calculator, you can go online and create more labels. Please contact the office on 01292 502 396 to have these activated. If you are not using the WER online calculator, please contact the office for further information on adding new labels.

Do we need to put labels on to glass for customer?

No, you do not need to put labels on to glass. The Rainbow Label can be handed out as a certificate, etc. rather than being stuck onto the glass.

Does Certass supply Master labels for frames?

No, but the relevant quality management system manual provides details of some companies that do.

Where can we get Master labels printed?

Details of some companies who will print Master labels are listed in the relevant quality system manual, however, you can choose any company you wish to supply them

Does the WER online calculator cover aluminium frames?

No. You will need to send us a copy of the full simulation reports, or a system company approved calculator.

Do we need to give copies of data on labels to customers?

Yes, both parts of the Rainbow label should be given to your customer.

Does the TRR auditor test windows?

Yes, they have equipment to test the glass.

What information do we need to provide to Certass TRR to get labels?

This can vary dependent on the scheme you are joining, but we will always require a copy of the BSEN 1279 certificates from your glass supplier. We may also require a copy of the full simulation reports from your frame supplier. For more information please contact the office on 01292 502 396.

Can we join TRR if we are an IGU manufacturer?

Yes, we have two schemes for IGU manufacturers. Please contact the office on 01292 502 396 for further information.

What type of labels do we get for our sealed units?

If you are only supplying the sealed unit, we will supply an IGU Master “C” label which details the glass specification and frame profiles this specification can be matched with.

Where do I get a copy of the quality system manual?

The quality system manual is available for download from the members area. Please click on the resource and terms link.