register with the certass thermal rating register, and become authorised to issue energy labels for your door sets >

Become accredited by completing the following simple steps >

  • Register with Certass Thermal Rating Register by¬†clicking the apply now button below
  • Provide an air leakage test report for the doorset at 50Pascals by a UKAS approved test house.
  • Provide a simulation report of the doorsets thermal properties to sizes laid out in BS EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010.
NOTE: Certass does not carry out simulations or air pressure testing. Only approved simulators or air pressure tests will be accepted. Make sure you contact Certass prior to gaining this data to ensure it is an accredited source.


Once registered and approved, you will receive a login and password from Certass to allowing you to download your rating labels in our members area, and publicise your accrediation.

What costs will
I incur to become accredited?


  • Certass will charge you an annual fee which will allow you to issue Energy Rating labels.
  • You will be required to pay for an air leakage test report.
  • You will incur the cost of providing the doorset(s) for that air leakage test(s).
  • You will incur the cost of simulations/analysis that determine scores which establish ratings.
  • Any costs associated with the auditing body, which will be either TRR or a body approved by TRR.