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Certass Skills Card >

The Certass Skills Card is only available to existing Certass members or companies joining the Certass Certification Scheme.

The Certass Skills Card is to evidence a site operative’s on-going competence and to ensure that they keep up to date with both industry practice and Building Regulations in-line with DCLG MTC requirements. The Skills Card assessment must therefore be carried out every 3 years. The qualification has been set to 3 years to fall in line with Building Regulation changes and technological innovations within the glazing industry.

To be assessed against the Certass Skills Card requirements the site operative must >

> Be a minimum age of 18 years or over.

> Have worked in the relevant area being assessed against for 2 years out of the last 5.

NOTE: If the site operative does not meet the requirements above they will need to obtain a suitable suitable structured learning plan or NVQ.

The Certass Skills Card assessment is carried out in the following way >

> A short knowledge assessment (40 question multiple choice quiz) is carried out online. You will be able to print your Knowledge certificate immediately upon successful completion.

> An onsite observation of your work, including discussion with the assessor.

> A telephone discussion with the assessor.

On successful completion of the Certass Skills Card assessment, you will be issued with >

> A knowledge assessment certificate 

> A skills card 



The cost per operative for MTC Standard are >


  • £175 + VAT^* for registration for single qualification (Surveying OR Installation)
  • £195 + VAT^* registration for Dual qualification (Surveying AND Installation)
  • Free Photo ID MTC skills card

Certass Standard Skills Card Information 

The standard card last for 3 years at which point it must be renewed, the operative can be transferred to MTC Continuum without an upfront fee where the operative has an existing Certass skills card.

^*Candidates not completing assessment within 12 months of assessment start may be subject to a £100+VAT assessment continuation fee.

The cost per operative for Certass Continuum Skills Card is >



Additional Information

  1. The Certass Continuum card is annually renewable.
  2. Certass Continuum is a site operative charge option- not linked to a specific individual, the card is transferable at no extra cost following new site operative’s successful Skills Card assessment.
  3. To transfer the Continuum card to a new site operative the old card (for site operative who has left your company) must be returned to Certass.
  4. To transfer to your new site operative avoiding new registration fee, there must be a continuous DDM monthly payment in place with Certass.
  5. All site operatives must refresh their Building Regulations knowledge by undertaking a knowledge assessment and have their installation work observed every 5 years.

  • £100 + VAT ONE OFF^* registration per site operative
  • £3.75 + VAT^* per month per site operative
  • Free Photo ID MTC skills card

Certass Continuum Skills Card Information 

For Sole Traders

A lower one-off registration fee followed by a low monthly fee which we’ll simply add on to your direct debit. No more large fees!

For companies with several site operatives

You pay a one-off registration fee for the number of qualified site operatives, followed by a low monthly fee per site operative. If one of your site operatives leaves the company and you hire a replacement , simply continue to pay the monthly fee, return the old site operatives card to us and we will not charge you another registration fee*. To protect your company’s compliance with us, we will carry out a new assessment on your new site operative at one of your installations.

Already paid your MTC fee upfront?

Don’t worry you can easily transfer to the Certass Continuum when your existing MTC card expires.


*Certass reserves the right to charge a new registration fee if more than 15% churn of site operatives over a 5 year period.


Site Operative Competence Assessment >

The changes made by the DCLG to Competent Person Scheme operator licenses have highlighted the need for glazing sector qualifications to be higher on this industry’s agenda.

The new operator licenses require installing companies to evidence the competence of its workforce against the DCLG MTC framework. Certass has been working closely with qualification authorities and Government to ensure that the proposed Minimum Technical Competencies (MTC) take a common sense assessment that does not place a burden on industry and allows us to evidence the quality of the people working in our sector. Competent Person Scheme’s must ensure that each member company joining a Competent Person Scheme can demonstrate they have enough technically competent staff to operate its business.

This can be achieved either by:

  • Recognised qualifications
    (As defined in PAS2030)
  • MTC Assessment
    (Minimum Technical Competence)

Certass will ensure member company’s staff is competent by either:

  • Checking the employees training records for recognised qualifications
  • Undertaking an MTC assessment of the required company’s site operatives

Glazing Sector >

The glazing sector has developed an MTC, including requirements to be met for both Installers and Surveyors.

Required site operatives for the glazing sector being:

  • All surveyors in the member company
  • Minimum 1 person from each fitting team in the member company

Insulation Sector >

The insulation sector will be assessed against the requirements in PAS2030 as described here

Glazing sector –

Charges for assessment of other providers qualifications

To ensure a standard quality across all site operatives registered with Certass we carry out audits of assessments carried out by other providers. The schedule below provides the charges and framework information:


Certification Body Equivalency Scheme


(where cards are current, on expiry a new Certass assessment will be required.)

Accepted NVQ
(less than 3 years from issue)


Or move to Certass Continuum initial registration fee waived.


Accepted NVQ
(more than 3 years from issue)

Certass Skills card assessment required at standards rates

Any other on-going assessment scheme or MTC providers Certass Skills Card assessment required at standards rates


Multiple site operatives?

We have a range of special rates and initiatives

More than 10 site operatives – call us to discuss volume discounts of up to 15%

More than 50 site operatives – Call us to discuss our in-house assessment package. We train your internal training team to carry out assessment and carry out external quality assurance. Discounts up to 40%