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Not sure about something? Please see the following list of commonly asked questions, or, if you can’t find what you need please contact us.

What is Certass and what does it cover?

Certass is a UKAS approved Certification Scheme that checks individual contractors and companies competence against set standards. Our scope of certification is shown on this websites home page.

Is Certass government approved and how do I check this?

Certass is a government approved Competent Person Scheme (CPS) in England and Wales and was granted its license on 6th April 2006. You can check the validity of our government approval by visiting the Communities and Local Government’s website at . Certass is independently checked annually by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service)

What are Building Regulations?

The Building Regulations 2010 (as amended) are a set of mandatory functional requirements established in law to protect the health, safety, welfare and convenience of building users and people who might be affected by buildings or matters connected with buildings. They also define the thermal performance of buildings and building works.

The Building Regulations are not concerned with aesthetics (what the installations looks like) or the quality of the installation so long as it does not adversely affect the thermal performance or the health, safety, welfare and convenience of building users and the general public.

Therefore poor finishing of an installation such as untidy sealant, large trims or uneven finishes although not satisfactory to a householder may well not breach the building regulations. Such issues are likely to be contractual issues that should be taken up with the installer at the time of the installation.

What is a Competent Person Scheme?

Competent Person Schemes were set up by the government to provide an alternative to submitting a building notice or using an approved Local Authority inspector for certain home improvements. Members of Competent Person Schemes are able to self-certify that their work meets current building regulations and are also able to register the work with the local authority on behalf of the homeowner.

All Certass registered contractors are vetted to ensure they are qualified to carry out installation work in accordance with the current building regulations and, once an installation is complete, Certass provides you with the Building Regulation Compliance Certificate for the work carried out.

Alternatively, notification and approval of the completed work can be sought from your Local Authority’s Building Control department directly. This can cost in excess of £250.

Do Certass inspect all the installations carried out by a Certass contractor?

Certass inspects a percentage of each registered Certass contractors work to ensure that current standards of building regulations are complied with.

How do I get my Building Regulation Compliance Certificate?

Certass will issue the Building Regulation Compliance Certificate directly to the homeowner within 7 working days of receiving notification of the completed works from your Certass contractor.

If you provide the contractor with an email address that is passed onto Certass we will provide your BRCC electronically. You will also be able to leave a review of your contractor.

Do I need a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate for my replacement window and/or door installation?

Since 1st April 2002, all replacement window and door installations must be covered by a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate issued either from a member of an authorised Competent Person Scheme or directly from the building control department of your local authority.

I haven't received my Certass Building Regulation Compliance Certificate. What do I do?

Please email our offices on [email protected] to check that your Certass contractor has registered your installation with us. If your details are registered we will check the date your certificate was sent to you. If you haven’t received your certificate and it’s within 28 days of our original date of issue, we will send you another certificate free of charge. There will be a small charge of £24 inclusive of VAT for any certificate we re-issue where 28 days or more has passed since the original date of issue. If your installation is not registered with us, you will need to contact your contractor and arrange for them to register the works with us. We will notify your local authority on your behalf and issue your Building Regulation Compliance Certificate with working 7 days. Replacement Certificates can be requested using our web form.

Will Certass issue my Building Regulations Compliance Certificate if I use an individual or company who is not a Certass member?

No. Certass is only permitted to issue Building Regulation Compliance Certificates for works carried out and completed by current Certass members.

How do I get a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate if I buy the windows and/or doors myself and arrange a friend to fit them?

You will need to apply for consent from the building control department of your local authority before beginning your installation works. Your local authority will make a charge when inspecting the completed works.

Do I need a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate if I'm only replacing the glazing unit in my window?

No. This is classed as a repair and Building Regulation Compliance Certificates are only required for complete replacement, i.e. glazing unit and frame.

When I've chosen the contractor to carry out my installation, how do I know that he can self-certify works to my property?

Your contractor will be able to advise you which Competent Person Scheme he is a member of. Before agreeing or making any payment to the contractor for the intended works, it is always best to independently verify with the scheme directly that a valid membership is held for the contractor. You can call our office or use the consumer search facility on our website here.

Who will notify my local authority of the replacement windows and/or doors to my property?

Certass will notify your local authority of your completed installation providing the works have been carried out by a current Certass contractor.

When I come to sell my house, do I keep the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate for the installation I paid for?

No, your solicitor will need to pass the Building Regulation Compliance Certificate to the buyer’s solicitor in order to complete the sale of the property.

I'm selling my property and my solicitor has not asked for my Building Regulation Compliance Certificate. Does he need it?

Yes, your solicitor will need to Building Regulation Compliance Certificate in order to complete the sale of your property.

My solicitor advises me it is not necessary to have a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate (BRCC) to sell my home, as they can provide me with an indemnity insurance, is this correct?

All homeowners having replacement windows and door installations fitted after 1st April 2002 are required to have a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate for their completed works. It is important that you can produce a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate to show that installation complied with the building regulations at the time the work was carried out. If the installation does not comply with building regulations, the work will not be legal and you could be prosecuted and fined up to £5000.

I'm selling my house and I've lost or misplaced my Building Regulation Compliance Certificate issued by Certass. What should I do?

There is a small charge of £24 including VAT for replacement certificates ordered 28 days after the original issue date. To order a replacement use our web form. Note: we can only process replacement orders using the form.

Does the Certass scheme cover new build properties or porches and conservatories?

No, these are outside of the Certass remit. For further information on these, you need to contact the building control department of your local authority.

Does the Certass scheme cover windows in my roof?

Yes, providing it is replacing a window in your roof of exactly the same size. If it’s a different size or if you are installing a brand new window in your roof, you may need planning permission from your local authority.

Will my contractor provide me with an insurance backed guarantee for my installation?

All Certass registered Competent Person contractors are required to provide an insurance policy from their chosen provider, to cover their own guarantee, should they cease trading.

What do I do if I have a complaint about or am in dispute with a Certass contractor?

 Please click here for the process to follow in the event of a dispute with a Certass contractor.

What are Window Energy Ratings?

This page of our website explains about Window and Door Energy Ratings