What are Building Regulations?

  • The Building Regulations 2010 (as amended) are a set of mandatory functional requirements established in law to protect the health, safety, welfare and convenience of building users and people who might be affected by buildings or matters connected with buildings. They also define the thermal performance of buildings and building works.

  • The Building Regulations are not concerned with aesthetics (what the installations looks like) or the quality of the installation so long as it does not adversely affect the thermal performance or the health, safety, welfare and convenience of building users and the general public.

  • Therefore poor finishing of an installation such as untidy sealant, large trims or uneven finishes although not satisfactory to a householder may well not breach the building regulations. Such issues are likely to be contractual issues that should be taken up with the installer at the time of the installation.

What are Competent Person Schemes?

  • Competent Person Schemes were set up by the government to provide an alternative to submitting a building notice or using an approved Local Authority inspector for certain home improvements and building works.

  • All Certass registered contractors are vetted to ensure they are qualified to carry out installation work in accordance with the current building regulations and, once an installation is complete, Certass provides you with the Building Regulation Compliance Certificate for the work carried out.

  • Alternatively, notification and approval of the completed work can be sought from your Local Authority’s Building Control department directly. This can cost in excess of £250.

By using a
Certass Competent Person registered contractor
you’ll get >

  • Protection of deposit taken – in line with the insurance company’s policy wording
  • A guarantee covering the installation
  • An insurance policy to cover the contractors guarantee, should the Certass registered contractor cease to trade
  • An easy way of registering your installation with your Local Authority at no cost to you


Building Regulation Compliance certificate >

When your Installer deems the installation is complete. They will ‘self-certify’ that the installation meets Building Regulation requirements by registering the installation with Certass.

Certass will then pass the installation data to your installers chosen Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) provider so they can issue you with your free insurance protection. Certass will also issue the property owner with the Building Regulation Compliance Certificate. This is an important document and should be retained.

Lost Your

The Building Regulation Compliance Certificate is your proof of compliance with building regulations and will be required by your solicitor should you wish to sell your property.

If you’ve lost your Certass issued certificate, either you or your solicitor can contact Certass directly and a replacement will be issued, there is a small charge of £18 including VAT for replacement certificates.

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