How Certass Helps Homeowners to Find Trusted Tradesmen

CQ-Assured Workmanship Standards








Trying to find trusted tradesmen to carry out your next home improvement project can be a minefield, just because there are so many options out there. As a homeowner, you’ll be looking for great products to update or modernise your home, that have great energy efficiency and security features. But even the best products on the market won’t be right if they’re fitted incorrectly.

That’s where workmanship standards come in.

What Are Workmanship Standards?

Over the years, regulations and codes of practice have been put in place in order to set a standard for all workmanship. It covers all areas of construction, including glazing, roofing, joinery and insulation. It’s not just new buildings that have to comply with Building Regulations, retrofit and refurbishment projects also have standards to comply with. That includes the materials, the skills and professionalism of the people on site.

Workmanship standards focus on the people. There are a number of different schemes put in place to make sure that anyone who is fitting or building onsite has the right skills to do a great job. With the reassurance that the installation skills of a company have been assessed, homeowners get that extra peace of mind.

Helping You to Find Trusted Tradesmen

At Certass, we’re committed to helping tradesmen be the best they can be and we do that in a number of ways, depending on what their business does. Technically, it’s one simple, sensible scheme that covers everything, because we know how much crossover there is nowadays for installation companies.

Workmanship for Certass-approved members is covered by CQ-Assured. It’s our workmanship quality assurance scheme that has been designed to give homeowners real confidence when it’s time to find trusted tradesmen.

CQ-Assured covers building repair maintenance and improvement work, conservatories, solid conservatory roofs, cavity clearance, external works and internal fitments.

How Certass Makes Sure That Their Members are Quality Assured Installers

Every company registered under the Certass CQ-Assured Scheme is audited by our team. This involves lots of processes.

We’ll carry out what’s called a ‘desktop audit’ every year. It double checks all the important, but not very exciting, details like insurance, legal status and contact information. We also look into the workforce of the business and make sure that a company has appropriately skilled site operatives.

It’s important that the people working on your home are trusted traders. That’s why we carry out an on-site audit on application and then onwards every 3-5 years. This checks qualifications, ensures that complaint logs and records are kept up-to-date. A sample of job files are checked too and we do an on-site audit of an installation, so we can check the quality of the workmanship.

Every year, we also check a sample of work done by members that has been registered with our scheme. This gives us the opportunity to ensure that their high standards are maintained throughout the year.

What to Expect from a CQ-Assured Installer

As well as ensuring high levels of workmanship, the CQ-Assured Scheme gives installers and their customers extra benefits including: insurance backed workmanship warranties, our special Alternative Dispute Resolution Service and discounts on Approved Inspector fees for projects that require Building Regulation approval.

CQ-Assured installers also agree to work by our consumer code of conduct which means that they agree to:

✓ Provide a high level of service for customers

✓ Trade in a fair manner putting customers’ best interests first

✓ Publish accurate marketing literature

✓ Not use pressurised selling techniques

✓ Treat all customers equally and fairly

✓ Not take advantage of vulnerable customers

✓ Ensure a written quote/estimate is provided in plain language

✓ Ensure a written contract is provided in plain language

✓ Maintain the confidentiality of all its customers’ data

✓ Carry out works to appropriate best practice standards

✓ Only use materials meeting industry standards and appropriate for the work

✓ Register all appropriate installation work with the CQ-Assured Scheme

✓ Protect and enhance the public image of our industry

✓ Use the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) via Certass for any disputes