Certass CQ-Scotland: the certification scheme designed for Scottish installers

Certass CQ-Scotland: the certification scheme designed for Scottish installers

Across the home improvement market, there has been a real shift towards quality. A revival of craftsmanship and authenticity has taken centre stage and homeowners place real value in skilled and trusted tradespeople who they know they can rely on to complete work on their homes.

This is matched with building work regulations and Codes of Practice that have been designed to set the standard for all workmanship, such as glazing, roofing, joinery and insulation.

Building Standards in Scotland

In Scotland, building work that you carry out must meet building standards, ensuring that the properties you work on are safe, structurally sound, energy efficient and sustainable – to name a few. These essentials should always be met for building repair, maintenance and improvement work across Scotland.

While these standards must be conformed to, there’s a real emphasis on competent workmanship too. Focusing on ensuring that you, as a tradesperson, have the right skills and quality products to do a great job. Homeowners look for people who are competent to complete work on their home. We know this because we have hundreds of homeowners each month who search our website looking for information on how to find a competent installer.

CQ-Scotland is a workmanship certification scheme that certifies your home improvements and building work. It is a scheme designed with installers and builders in mind. It helps to assure your customers that industry standards have been met and your skills have been assessed. Giving homeowners added peace of mind, along with the confidence that the job will be done right.

CQ-Assured, giving your customers the confidence in what you do

The CQ-Scotland Scheme is a quality mark for your windows, doors and home improvements work. It’s an all-encompassing certification scheme that can cover your workmanship for up to 13 different building trades, including window and door replacements, to constructing conservatories and extensions, tiling and solid roof replacements.

CQ-Scotland helps you to prove to homeowners in Scotland that your workmanship meets industry standards, and as a Certass CQ member, your work is backed by TrustMark’s 3 cornerstones of quality, representing good trading practices, customer service and technical competence.

We complete an initial contractor assessment, an assessment of supervisors and carry out ongoing on-site assessments, so that you can self-certify that your workmanship meets and exceeds building standards and codes of practice too.

The Certass Toolkit

CQ-Scotland is designed to be as accessible and affordable as possible. Membership costs start at £24.95 per month + VAT, with extra scopes costing £5 each, and there is access to a toolkit of advantages to help you show your competency to homeowners.

Digital Support Package

As a Certass member, you get free digital support. This includes your own member profile on our consumer online directory. This works as a truly effective way to help homeowners search for certified installers. The profile gives your company details, an online bio and the chance for your customers to leave you ratings and reviews. You will also receive a unique logo with your membership numbers displayed.

Common sense certification

The CQ-Scotland Scheme allows you to self-certify that your work meets workmanship standards, and you will be issued with a Certificate of Conformity (COC). This helps to set you apart from competition and adds real value to your home improvements work, offering extra peace of mind for your customers.

Workmanship warranty

With each installation you log under the scheme, and once your Certificate of Conformity has been issued, we pass the data over to your approved insurance provider, where you will receive a minimum 2-year insurance backed workmanship warranty. This gives your customer protection on the work you complete – a great benefit to offer homeowners.

Dispute resolution

We know that things sometimes do go wrong, even for the best contractors. That’s why we provide free access to an alternative dispute resolution service, to provide you with reassurance in the rare instances where you may need extra support.

Becoming a Certass CQ-Scotland member

It’s really simple to become a member of the CQ-Assured Scheme in Scotland. You can register on our website via our online registration form, or you can call Simon, our CQ-Assured whiz, on 07977 430 438.