CQ Assured Scheme FAQs

Want to know more about our CQ Assured Scheme? Here are our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you need, please contact us.

How do I choose the scope that I need?

If you are already a Certass member, log into your Certass account via our members area, where we have a dedicated portal to upgrade your account certifications. In this portal, we provide you with a drop-down list of scopes available.

You can view our tutorial on how to upgrade you certification from the tutorial section in the members area.

Why does it cost £5 per certification?

Certification costs exist to cover the operational costs incurred to operate and administer the scheme. We have calculated the certificate cost based on average certificate volumes per member. Please note, within the CQ Assured scheme, a number of benefits are included to members such as access to our finance partner and TrustMark membership.

If I have multiple scopes, is there discount?

We provide each additional scope at a fair, minimal cost of £5 per scope, per month.

How do I get the finance? What rates are available?

Once you are a full CQ Assured member, please advise us of your interest to access finance and we will arrange contact from our finance provider. Rates vary and are determined by the finance provider based on the information they are given.

Do I still need to use LABC?

The CQ Assured scheme is a workmanship standards scheme only and does not cover Building Regulations notification. Where Building Regulations notification is required, you will need to provide details either to an Approved Inspector or LABC. However, many of the scopes covered by the CQ Assured scheme do not require Building Regulations notification. If you need advice on a project, feel free to contact our technical support team.

Where can I find a copy of the Certificate of Conformity (COC)?

We can provide you with a sample copy of the Certificate of Conformity upon request.

What is a workmanship warranty?

A workmanship warranty provides protection in the event the contractor ceases to trade and is unable to honour their own workmanship guarantee. Only the workmanship is covered by the insurance as the contractor is self-certifying to a standard of workmanship rather than Building Regulations.

Is there a consumer leaflet?

Yes, a consumer leaflet is available upon request.

Why do I need a supervisor MTC, and how do I choose from the current list of operatives?

To ensure that the work completed is overseen by an individual of technical competency. This provides homeowners with the comfort and knowledge that contractors under the CQ Assured scheme are completing work to an exemplary standard.

You can add new supervisors from the site operative link in your members area. If your existing site operatives are to be listed as site supervisors for the scheme, please email a list to our office at [email protected] and they will update the record for you.

Why do I need a Waste Carrier Licence?

The CQ Assured scheme is backed by the TrustMark principles and conditions of membership. In order to comply with this, each member must have a Waste Carrier Licence. Please note, this is often free and can easily be obtained online. You can read our blog to find all the benefits of Waste Carrier Licences.

How do I obtain a Waste Carrier Licence?

Please visit our blog where we explain what a Waste Carrier Licence is, the benefits of it and how to get one.

Do I get a membership certificate?

We will provide you with a dynamic logo to confirm your membership and membership number. This dynamic logo can be published in both print and digital. To understand more about our dynamic logos, you can read our blog here.

I’m already a Certass member, why do I need to upload proof of my trading and confirm my IBG provider when you already have the information?

In most cases, any information Certass holds can be replicated and used in your upgrade request. However, this rule does not apply for IBG providers, as we will require proof that your IBG provider is willing and able to cover the new scope that you wish to upgrade to.

What happens if I don’t like the scheme once registered? Am I in a contract or can I cancel at anytime?

We are confident that you will find value in the scheme, however if it is not for you, there is no minimum term to join and you can cancel at anytime.

Do I have stickers for my van?

Certass van stickers are available to all our members.

What makes the scheme different from other “Trust a Trader” style schemes that are available?

Completed work under your chosen scope can be registered with us and is backed by TrustMark principles. All completed work receives a Certificate of Conformity (COC) and is required to have a workmanship warranty issued. Completed works are also subject to our inspection policy.

What happens if my IBG provider won’t cover the scope?

We are able to provide you with our approved list of IBG providers who will consider alternative scopes.

How do I register jobs?

You can register jobs through our online portal / members area.