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Are You a Certified Conservatory Installer?

Conservatories continue to be a popular choice with homeowners looking to add more space to their homes and we have also seen a surge in interest in conservatory refurbishments using solid roof systems so that they can use their existing conservatories all year round. What’s changed is that homeowners are getting more savvy about choosing companies to carry out home […]

15th November 2017 - By Jason Clemmit
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How Certass Helps Homeowners to Find Trusted Tradesmen

Trying to find trusted tradesmen to carry out your next home improvement project can be a minefield, just because there are so many options out there. As a homeowner, you’ll be looking for great products to update or modernise your home, that have great energy efficiency and security features. But even the best products on the market won’t be right […]

10th November 2017 - By Jason Clemmit
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An Easy Way To Fix A Common Non-Compliance Issue

Certass Auditors carry out thousands of installation inspections over the year and we’re happy to say that proportionately to the number of inspections carried out, we get few non-compliances.  This is testament to the quality of the contractors that are our members. However, there is one non-compliance that crops up that could easily be avoided.  “I don’t want any non-compliances, […]

14th July 2016 - By Jason Clemmit
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What You Can and Can’t Register With a Competent Person Scheme

Domestic Replacement Glazing Works What You Can and Can’t Register With a Competent Person Scheme Many works must meet Building Regulation requirements but not all works in dwellings are notifiable to the Local Authorities. Therefore, Competent Person Schemes can only register works on a contractor’s behalf with the Local Authority that are deemed notifiable. Generally speaking, conservatories and porches are […]

31st March 2016 - By Jason Clemmit
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