Are You a Certified Conservatory Installer?

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Conservatories continue to be a popular choice with homeowners looking to add more space to their homes and we have also seen a surge in interest in conservatory refurbishments using solid roof systems so that they can use their existing conservatories all year round. What’s changed is that homeowners are getting more savvy about choosing companies to carry out home improvement work for them. They want to find local traders that they can trust to do a great job on their conservatory plans.

Although conservatories aren’t a new home improvement trend, conservatory performance and the way they are installed aren’t covered by the same levels of legislation as windows and doors are. That includes the energy efficiency of the roof and frames and the quality of workmanship on the installation. Conservatory work isn’t even covered by Minimal Technical Competence, so there can be big gaps for potential issues.

By offering homeowners the same reassurances and guarantees on their conservatories as their windows and doors, installers can set themselves apart from the competition, protect their reputations and offer their customers peace of mind.

Don’t Be Left Out in The Cold with Conservatory Installations & Refurbishments

The key to maintaining your reputation for great workmanship and reducing the risk of any call-backs is to make sure that all the products you install are covered by a scheme that gives protection for your business and peace of mind for homeowners.

Many homeowners who want to find local traders for a conservatory project may have already had a replacement conservatory or a refurbishment that promised them a space that could be used in the cold winter months and the hot summer months without becoming uncomfortable. So how do you prove that this time, their conservatory will deliver what they have been promised?

For new conservatories, they are a multi-trade project and often aspects of the build are subcontracted without an appropriate level of supervision or workmanship checks. This is usually where we find installation issues occurring.

Conservatory refurbishments, where tiled conservatory roofs are being retrofitted onto existing conservatory frames to fix the problem of inefficient conservatories are a great market for installers, but they can bring their own inadequacies in terms of certification. Again, product performance isn’t regulated, and neither is the workmanship.

Installers like you need to know that the system will perform, and homeowners need to know that the work they are paying local traders for carries some kind of guarantee. That’s why we created the Certass CQ-Assured Conservatories and Conservatory Warm Roof Scheme.

How the Certass CQ-Assured Scheme Works

The Certass CQ-Assured Conservatories and Conservatory Warm Roof Scheme helps resolve any potential problem for conservatory installers. It’s an independent certification scheme and the only scheme in the industry that covers the installation of both conservatories and conservatory warm roofs. It also includes an insurance backed workmanship warranty.

The company that’s registered with Certass will be able to give their customer a fully certified installation for every aspect of the work carried out to build or refurbish a conservatory.

As with all our CQ-Assured schemes, our conservatory scheme offers certification to help improve consumer confidence in your workmanship. By checking your workmanship standards, assessing your site supervisors and carrying out ongoing checks of your work, we help you to make sure that all you do adheres to the best codes of practice for workmanship.

Every installation you do that is logged with our scheme will receive a certificate of conformity and an insurance backed workmanship warranty. You’ll also get access to our Alternate Dispute Resolution service should you ever need it and discounts on Approved Inspector Fees if you work on a project that needs Building regulation approval.

Apply Now for Our Certass CQ-Assured Conservatory Scheme

So, to get covered for your conservatory schemes, give your customers extra peace of mind, talk to Certass today. You can just get certified under the conservatory scheme or bolt it on to our other CQ-Assured Certification Scopes – apply now online.