Our members benefit from our inhouse expertise

Our Contractors

All Certass contractors are regularly assessed and inspected. This includes a lengthy audit with the contractor on his premises. The contractor's paperwork is also checked to ensure that his business procedures meet the requirements of a Competent Person Scheme.

Certass members have direct access to a range of industry experts for immediate clarification and technical advice on building regulations via a technical helpline as well as online access to a technical manual which is updated at regular intervals.

Certass membership requires that a contractor must be able to provide customers with:

  • Protection of any deposit taken
  • A 10 year guarantee covering completed window and door installations
  • An insurance policy to cover this guarantee should he cease trading

As part of the on-going training given to members, Certass carries out random inspections on a percentage of a contractor's work. This covers both in-progress and completed installations and ensures the work has been carried out in accordance with current building regulations.