Delivering more to you…

In our Christmas articles you may remember that we highlighted that our Managing Director, Mr Jason Clemmit was looking at ways to give more back to our members by providing you with additional benefits and we asked you for your input in what these should be.

Spring is fast approaching and so is a range of new benefits to our registered member companies. Starting in the next couple of months and following throughout the year Certass is bringing on board a range of membership benefits to enhance what we deliver to you. We will be announcing these new membership benefits through both the trade press and our website. 

On the subject of our website, keep a close eye on it over the next few weeks. We have fully reviewed our websites content and, working with a leading web design consultancy, have merged and fully redesigned our web content from both these websites. The new design is up to date and it is quicker and easier than ever to find the information you our customers and consumers what. We currently have the main Certass website and the Thermal Rating Register website at . As with all websites over time, content is added on an ad hoc basis and there can be a tendency towards information overload and/or a confused link flow. These websites have done their job very well but it’s now time to move on.  

Certass Improve Joining Process >

In line with the launch of our new website we are also redesigning the Certass offering. We are no longer simply a glazing Competent Person Scheme (CPS) we are a multi-trade installer and product certification scheme. To this end, our application documents are currently been re-designed to make clearer what you get from Certass and what you must do for each aspect of our certification products. We are cutting the form-filling process down to a minimum.

We have also launched an online application platform for those companies that ‘just want to get it done’. You are able to provide us with your company details as well as submit the required application documents. But don’t worry the personal touch is still very much central to our philosophy. If you want to talk to our sales team they are available to help. They even work until 7.30 pm every Wednesday to try to ensure they are available when it’s convenient for you.

Certass Moving forward >

As we all know it’s a fast-paced business world today. Certass is a forward facing company who is always looking to respond to our customers’ needs. Is your current certification provider adapting to meet your business needs? If not give us a try. If we haven’t persuaded you to join Certass yet, keep an eye on the benefits we have coming. We believe you will find we will be offering more than any other Certification Body, Competent Person Scheme or indeed trade body. We are the only scheme you will need moving forward, go on give us a go.

If you want to join Certass you can call our dedicated Sales Team on 01292 292095 or email them at [email protected] .